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IMS Mission Statement

"Our mission is to cut our clients loss and liability after a traffic incident with highly trained personnel by immediate application of proactive procedures and pre-staged state-of-the-art equipment"


Incident Management Solutions (IMS) is an emergency response company. The origination of Incident Management Solutions was a result of the cumulative years of experience in the wrecker and emergency response industries of founder David Yeager. David identified a growing need for pro-active emergency response at accidents involving heavy trucks and non-hazardous spill sites. David developed a specially built and equipped ER Truck to bridge the gap between where the fire department completes their duties and remediation companies begin.

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Emergency Response Program

IMS has developed a unique package of services and vehicles to immediately respond to heavy truck incidents. This program has been developed through years of experience by founder David Yeager while working in the wrecker and remediation industry.

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Fuel Extraction

The IMS emergency response vehicle carries several types of fluid spill absorbents along with the tools necessary to clean spilled fluids and stop active leaks. A fuel extraction system capable of pumping off 190 gallons of diesel fuel at the incident scene saves time and money.

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Photo Documentation

Our specially designed On-board digital technology allows IMS to immediately record and transfer photos, documents and forms to remote locations through wireless email so that real time decisions can be made. Just another service that sets ups apart!

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Emergency Lighting

The IMS ER Vehicle has emergency light bars to warn others of the situation. Two 1,000 watt quartz light towers on the rear of the ER Vehicle and also a night scan light tower to illuminate a scene so work can be completed after other response vehicles have left the scene.

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Cargo Assessment

The IMS ER Manager can communicate with the responsible party of an accident live by phone about the condition of the cargo being carried. Photos of cargo condition can be immediately emailed to the recipient.

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Environmental Assessment

The ER Manager from IMS will perform an environmental assessment of the spill site. This assessment will determine if an immediate clean up can take place or if the spill has to be referred to a remediation company.

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The IMS ER Vehicle brings to the scene a variety of absorbent materials necessary for pavement, soil and waterway containment of fluid spills. All contaminated absorbents are properly disposed of and all drums are manifested to verify proper disposal.

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Management of Traffic

Safety of first responders at an incident scene is of primary concern. The IMS Vehicle notifies oncoming traffic of a hazardous situation ahead. The IMS MOT board can display various messages such as Merge Left (or Right), Debris Ahead, Roadway Blocked Ahead, and other messages.

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Our Certifications

40 Hour Haz-Woper
Effective Communication
Maintenance of Traffic Control
National Incident Management Systems
Hazardous Material Prevention
FHWA – NHI – 133048 Managing Traffic Incidents and Roadway Emergencies
Blood-borne Pathogens
Hazardous Material Transportation
Hazardous Communications
Used Oil Transportation
Groundwater – Surface Water Sediment / Soil – Trace Metal
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