Emergency Response

Emergency Response

IMS has developed a unique package of services and vehicles to immediately respond to heavy truck incidents. This program has been developed through years of experience by founder David Yeager while working in the wrecker and remediation industry. He saw there was a growing gap between where the fire department completes their duties and remediation companies begin. David says,

β€œOpen Road and Quick Clearance policies are changing the landscape of emergency response.”David Yeager

IMS has developed pro-active procedures to appear at the incident scene with 60 minutes. To maximize efficiency, all equipment is pre-staged and thoroughly safety checked every morning. Documented policies and procedures assures consistent performance regardless of which ER Team is responding.

A single 800 emergency response phone number simplifies notification of an incident to allow rapid dispatch of an ER vehicle. This number is staffed 24/7 by trained personnel and begins the ER program. The closest available ER Team is called into action and the vehicle is rolling within minutes. Once on scene the ER manager coordinates with roadway authorities to eliminate confusion and duplication of services. The ER manager then checks for fuel leaks, determines appropriate MOT usage and begins spill containment. The ER Tech upon arrival immediately begins photo documentation followed by application of absorbents as directed by the ER manager. The ER tech continues photo documentation as recovery work continues and then inputs additional information into computer. The IMS ER Team is one of the first responders and usually stays until all parties have left the scene and then completes their duties with an environmental assessment. If remediation work is warranted, IMS will communicate its findings to the remediation company the responsible party chooses.


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